Monday, 20 December 2010

A snow free oasis?

There is still some snow lying on the ground - and the sky was dark and ominous this morning, but now the sun is starting to come through.  Travel seems to be chaotic in most of the country though, according to the News, so going up North looks more and more unlikely.
Captain Treasure Hunter drove off into the snowy wilds of Hampshire yesterday on a dig, and I hitched the huskies to the sledge and mushed them up to the Kingdom Hall.  Only then did I notice that the pavements there (away from the sea front) were coated with ice.
Now ice is one of the 'terrors in the way' spoken of in Ecclesiastes, in its haunting poetic evocation of the process of getting old and dying.   At least it is for me.  Loved ice when I was a child - and we tried to make it even slippier by making slides (shudder) - but nowadays I am so afraid of falling and breaking something.
I wouldn't have made it up the ice-coated slope to the Kingdom Hall if a gallant young brother hadn't come down to help me.  And then I saw another bro coming to the rescue with shovelfuls of grit. I am very grateful to them both.
And I am so glad I made it - wonderful talk, wonderful Watchtower article, all about the love and respect we owe each other.  The teaching gets better and better and better.
Jackie came to dinner, looking very well and rested after her Channel Island holiday.   We had a roast chicken dinner, with the Captain's help.  He carved and organised the chicken and its trimmings onto the plates while I made the gravy.  For pudding we had a plum crumble I had made earlier, as they say on cookery programmes.
We will probably have a walk on the beach at some stage today - and maybe a twirl or two with Maurice.  I wonder, will the Beeb come and film our rehearsal diary?
Anyway, its 9 a.m., the Channel is a dull (as opposed to glowing) turquoise, and its not snowing - yet.

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