Saturday, 11 December 2010

The two Ronnies

I was out with Ron and Ronald on the field service this morning. Most of our group is away on the London Bethel Museum Tour (which I hope the Captain and I will do one day - Bible prophecy brought to life), and, with the permission of El Capitano, we met here.   Ron decided he would take us on his calls, so we had a lovely morning out.  We also called - me with young Ronald - on the lady whose partner I mistook for her son on my last visit!  She was out, which was possibly a good thing.  It will give her more time to get over it.

If I get the chance I will have to explain that it was nothing personal.  I am slightly Aspergery and have very poor face recognition.  I was in a pub in Sheffield some years ago and I said to my husband: "That young man at the bar is talking to me just as if he knew me."   "He probably is" he said dryly, "given that he has been your brother for the last thirty years."

Oh to have a perfectly working brain.  In the meantime, I have to console myself with the thought that none of us children of Adam has that, but, if we put faith in our Creator, we can hope to be perfect in the future.

Otherwise a quiet day - shopping, cooking, housework.

And we watched the semi-finals of Strictly.   We hope that Matt and Pamela will be in the final.

I hope retirement will go on being as lovely as this.

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