Saturday, 4 December 2010

Maurice the Mussel speaks!

It was a dark and stormy night last night, and we went to sleep in a white world, but  have woken up to a damp green world and a stormy Channel.  The tide is in and I am watching wonderful waves surging towards me.  The valiant dog walkers are out on the green as always.   I still find myself thinking how much Shadow would have loved being here.

We went for a walk on the beach.   Fantastic waves, with six brave surfers on them, and we were enclosed in mist with a watery sun coming through.    I was wandering about lost in thought while Col took loads of atmospheric photos - which should appear on his blog later - and also I had to return a lost ball to a dog - when suddenly I seemed to hear a tiny voice - with a very charming French accent.

"Hello young miss" it said, " I haven't seen you out with your father for a while."

"Oh Maurice" I said (for it was he), "I'm afraid you've made a mistake.  That isn't my father, its my husband!"

"No!" said the little clammy voice, with its charming accent.  "What a cradle snatcher!".

"Oh, indeed no," I said, all of a flutter, "In fact I am slightly older than he is."

"Impossible my dear.   I simply can't believe it."

I rushed off to tell Captain Butterfly that I had finally spoken to Maurice and what he had said.

"He shoulda gone to Specsavers", was his only comment, as he clicked away.

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