Saturday, 1 January 2011

Back to the field

Went out with Jean this morning. We didn't get off to the best of starts.  I picked her up at 9.15 so we got to the Hall for 9.20, thinking that the meeting started at 9.30.  Unfortunately, it started at 10 - we had both managed to miss the time change announcement on Thursday night. Everyone else had heard it.

We took a visiting brother and sister  from London out on the doors with us - Ola and Lendry - and I started by driving us to the wrong road.   So we had to start again.  Then, when we got there, we found it was all flats, some with entryphone security systems.  Very difficult to work.

However Ola and her husband soared off confidently.  "Just like London territory" they said. 

Us hicks from the sticks aren't quite so used to them.

Anyway, we had a lovely morning out, met some very nice people we can call back on, and I got back about midday to a welcoming cup of coffee from Captain B.

We went for a seaside walk this afternoon.  Its cold and damp, but not freezing.

We started the new butterfly calendar this morning.

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