Monday, 27 December 2010

The Day of the Walking Sticks

Jen, Kathryn and Jo came for lunch at the bungalow.  All three were on walking sticks - and we had quite a confusion on leaving as to whose stick was whose.

How did this happen to us all?

It snowed this morning, but it looks like there might be a bit of a thaw tomorrow.   The Lilac Tree Farm branch of the family are coming over here for lunch, weather permitting.  We are hoping to have a turkey curry cooked by Ken.

I have discovered my "A Few Green Leaves" by Barbara Pym in the Sheffield branch of the family travelling library and am enjoying reading it again.


  1. Wow, a turkey curry! Yummy! Hehe, so what happened with your confusion on your walking sticks? It looked like the snow has affected your sticks, huh? Well, I hope you had a great holiday that time.

    [Tristan Benette]

  2. Thank you for your comment Tristan. It was just that we couldn't work out which walking stick belonged to who - and why we were all on walking sticks anyway. It seems like only yesterday we were Catholic Convent schoolgirls together...

    However we had a lovely family get together thanks.

    regards Sue