Friday, 10 December 2010

Ice on the windscreen

When I came out of the meeting at the Kingdom Hall last night, I found my front and back windows iced up and requiring the spray.  That ice was not there when I parked the car, so I thought we would wake up to a white world.  However, its been cold and damp today, not frosty.

Went out on return visits with Louise yesterday  afternoon.  It was difficult driving into the low sun, but the light was beautiful.  We only found one person at home, but at least we tried.

It can take a lot of time to find people at home again and sometimes it seems you never do.  I have been looking for one lady for over 2 years now...  we had a long talk about the Lord's prayer - IF I am remembering it right (my remaining brain cells are kept at full stretch trying to remember my own name these days) - and I think I asked her the question that I was asked, all those years ago.

What is she praying for when she asks for God's Kingdom to come?

I popped over to Audrey's for a cup of tea and a chat this morning.

Oh and I got a lovely card from Sharron, one of my sisters, that lifted my heart, especially given that she took the time to write it, with all she is going through at the moment.

The news, showing the rising anger outside is frightening.   There are riots in London, and pictures of Prince Charles and Camilla being attacked.  It must be a terrifying thing to be surrounded by the mob.

Its not that I don't understand  why people are angry.  I do indeed.  And I am so grateful that Ruby and Wilhellmina called at my door with their Bibles and Watchtower magazines all those years ago.

The Christian congregation is a true refuge.

There is a strange new tactic for dealing with rioters now, called 'kettling'.  It definitely does not involve being given a nice hot cup of tea though.

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