Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Thoughts of Chairman Couch Potato

Did I even have any thoughts today?   We were snowbound - and i have requested a picture for my blog to demonstrate - a photo of my poor snow covered car.  While Captain B flew around with his camera - early, while the snow was all fresh and new - I made a gigantic fruit cake.  And I have made our lunch and our tea and done some emails and studying and that is about it.  Louise and I had to cancel the field service.

We are supposed to be going to Haysbridge at the weekend for the two day Assembly - Ken doing the driving.  But we will have to see how the weather turns out. The Assembly Hall is out in the countryside, down winding country lanes, and would almost certainly have been ungettatable today.

Oh and i spoke to Jackie and Audrey and Paul (on the phone) and got a reply done to Kathryn's letter, which is not posted yet.

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