Friday, 24 September 2010

Oyster Catchers

Col has rushed off to the beach to try and catch some Oystercatchers while the light is right.  If he has got some good pictures I will request one for this blog, so it should appear in time.

I am suffering from a severe arthritis attack in both knees, so my wings are clipped at the moment - and  I won't be catching any oysters for a while.

Bea left this morning - we hope she is going to find time for another visit before she leaves for the North. She has been a constant in our life here.  The Autumn flowers she bought me remain and brighten up the lounge.  

Lovely roast chicken dinner round at Jacks last night.

I spoke to Audrey today - and we hope to work together on Tuesday.    I have also spoken to the returned Maggie, who I hope to see on Sunday, and managed (before the arthritis struck) to hobble up to the post office and send the wedding photos off to Aunt Jo, a congratulations card to my sister Siwe, and a little card to Ellen, who was a student of mine at one time.

This blog is supposed to be my diary (I can't write one anymore because of my hands) so I need to remember to note who I posted what to - and when.

An evening of couch potatoing lies ahead of me - and quite some moaning and groaning every time I try to get off or on the couch, or even move.  Its not looking too good for my book about my expedition to Everest, although I am planning to do it by couch - so I suppose as long as my team of couchpushers keep me supplied with my painkillers and anti-inflammatories, along with the constant nice cups of tea, I may yet do it.

Watch this space!!

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