Sunday, 12 September 2010

When flowers fall out

Good things that happened today.    The meeting at the Kingdom Hall, with Stuart giving the talk - which was all about being in Jehovah's book of life - how we can hope to be - what we must do to remain there - what happiness there is ahead for all those in that book - more happiness than we can now imagine.   Captain Butterfly getting some amazing shots of the Clouded Yellow - I have asked if I can have one or two for my blog - he has a whole sequence of it having a vicious fight with a Meadow Brown - they are depressingly human-like sometimes - but its lovely to look at - like two flowers fighting.  And we have Jehovah's promise that nature will not remain 'red in tooth and claw with ravine', but will return to the peace that prevailed in Eden.   Then I got emails from Anne, Wit and Bob.

All a welcome antidote to a nasty dose of the world's double standards - on The Antique Road Show of all things!

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