Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Autumn in the Downland

It was a perfect Autumn day on the Downs at Hope Gap.   There was a strong wind blowing and the sun came and went through the clouds - the light was beautiful - the colours of Cuckmere Haven would have made me get out my paint palette and do my best to capture them (were I an artist and had I a paint palette).  There were little mushrooms everywhere, berries galore in shades of red and black, and wildflowers. There was a rabbit basking in the intermittent sunshine - lots of valiant dogwalkers - and butterflies - see The Captain's Log - all in the lovely September light, which was changing by the minute.

We took sandwiches and ate our lunch on one of the many memorial benches - all with stunning views overlooking the Channel.  I hope so much that all those who they memorialise, who all loved the coast there, will have a wonderful awakening when the time comes, and see the downland again.

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