Saturday, 18 September 2010

A busy Saturday

Jean and I toiled up a long long drive to some enormous gates today to find a sort of panel with buzzers and buttons.   We puzzled over it.   Then: "You've pressed the wrong button!" said Jean.   (I had, I usually do.)   I had meant to activate the intercom, but the giant gates swung silently open. We tiptoed in, up another drive, and knocked on the door.   No-one was in.  Not even the staff.  I heard a noise behind us and it was the giant gates silently closing again. 
Thankfully we found another button on the inside and managed to open them and escape.  Otherwise...  We popped a small publication through the letter box so that they would know who had called in case they worried about it.  And also it will show them the way to find true security if they read it.  There won't be any need for locks on our doors, let alone security gates, when Paradise is restored.
We basically got rebuffs this morning, but we were both in a funny mood somehow, neither of us feeling very confident.  However, we did deliver a few magazines and try to find a few of our return visits at home.
Then I dropped Jean off, lunched, shopped, ironed, did the dishes and cooked a roast chicken dinner for the wandering boy who has been off on Metal Detector business all day.
Now i am very tired.  We both are.

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