Saturday, 25 September 2010

Not out on the doors

I did not get out on the doors this morning, which makes me feel bad, but as one guest leaves, the next arrives - well they arrive tomorrow.   We attempted to do the last butterfly tetrad this morning and were walking past the river of Sunflowers when a gamekeeper plus dog informed us that we were trespassing!   He didn't set the dog on us, thank goodness.

Things do seem to have improved a bit there as I can remember trespassing on a farmers field when I was tiny - I had followed the big boys - giants of 5 or 6 years old - and we were digging up some root vegetable from the farmer's field and eating it.  

What can it have been?    As I remember it, it tasted lovely.

Anyway, the farmer did set his dog on us.  And who can blame him?   And it would have got me as my little legs couldn't get me away fast enough, had one of the big boys not gallantly risked his life by turning back and hauling me over the fence.

We showed the kindly gamekeeper our tetrad map and he showed us the public footpath to it.  But we didn't do it, owning to my arthritis not being up to tramping up a whole Down today.  Poor Captain Butterfly - tethered to a mate with damaged wings.

So we went to Tesco and shopped for the Pat and Jim visit. 

I forgor to ring Anne yesterday and I am behind with my studies...

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