Sunday, 5 September 2010

When Mrs Captain Butterfly flew...

... it was only in a metaphorical sense, thank goodness, as I have enough difficulty managing my  arms and legs, without adding things.  If I had to add wings to the mix when arriving on your doorstep with my Bible and Watchtower magazines, it would probably be like several episodes of Mr.Bean condensed into 5 minutes.  As I began to open my Bible, I would forget my wings, and they would probably sweep all the preciously nutured blooms of your prize rose tree, then I would swing round in a panic and the wings would knock your poor cat off the wall where it had been basking peacefully in the sun  - probably straight into an open wheelie bin - and i would end up being hated on the internet.

So, metaphorically speaking, we flew off to the local cemetery to do the Butterfly count (it being part of the Captain's territory).  Although it is not really a wildlife friendly place we did find some - see the Captain's Log.

Its another thing wandering round a cemetery when you are in your sixties and getting near that threescore years and ten.  I might add my reflections when I post the John Clare quote for September, but i am just about to set off for the Kingdom Hall and the Sunday meeting.

We then went for a lovely walk along the River Arun, counted some more butterflies, and also picked some blackberries.  One of the many lovely things about retirement is being able to spend more time together.  Its a bit like being students again, only a much happier and more sensible version of ourselves then.

In the morning I took Audrey to the jewellers to get her watch sorted, then we did an hour on the door to door work, then we went to the new Lidls, where she found some nice wool.

And we had a quiet night in.

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  1. Just read the Capt's Log and thought I'd pop across here to see what was going on. The link wasn't working so I just typed in the address, intuitively typing the sueknight without the 2000. And didn't I get a surprise!!
    You're right. Wings would be a real nuisance.