Monday, 27 September 2010

A September sunset

Something to counteract all the horrors - a calm peach and yellow sunset - lots of gulls winging across it, fishing, doing their thing - Captain Butterfly photographing them.  The tide was out a long way, and we waded out and out - and the setting sun was reflecting peach and gold in the water left by the sea.

It was another glimpse of the Paradise the world was intended to be and will be again.  And I so much needed to see it.  At the moment of course the gulls were hunting for mussels.  But when its Paradise again they won't be.   And, if its technically possible to be friends with a mussel, they will be friends.

Pat, Jim, and the dogs left this morning.  We hadn't seen them for 13 years, but it was as if we had only seen them yesterday, as it is with some people.  It took me right back to their house in Expatistan in which we had many happy times - and their little dog Sunny, who was a character and a half.

And Pat remembered Shadow - his picture is beside me as I type.

We didn't talk much about old times though as they, like us, seem to have been very busy with retirement.  Its a whole new world somehow.  In many ways its like being back in our courting days.  Only better.

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