Friday, 17 September 2010

A golden thread

Audrey and I watched  "Faith in Action, Part 1: Out of Darkness.   Which was lovely.  It shows a golden thread of faith running down the centuries, as faithful people tried to teach Bible truth in the face of strong opposition from Church and State.   We are very much looking forward to Part 2, which we hope will be released next year.

I also took her to buy her spring bulbs.   Crocus and Narcissi.  And surely each bulb is a miracle, speaking clearly of the qualities of Jehovah, its Grand Creator?

El Capitano B flew off to the Downs near Eastbourne still chasing the Clouded Yellow, and he also called in on Bea.    And he brought some nectar back in the form of two books - from Bea to me.   "Some Tame Gazelle" by Barbara Pym, and Agatha Christie's "The Secret of Chimneys".   So I have a treat in store.  I think that Tame Gazelle is Barbara Pym's funniest book.  And although I have read Chimneys before, I can never remember who did it - or if I do - I can't remember how - and why they have such an apparently watertight alibi.

My library got scattered during our expat years, and I am trying to recreate my Pym and Christie shelves.

The Channel has been calm and blue today, and there is a quiet sunset going on over it as I write.  A touch of cold in the air today  though - a preview of the coming Winter.

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