Sunday, 12 September 2010

Tom and Jill

Tom, Jill and Jackie all came over for dinner.   We had a great time with them and hope they did with us. We all plan to get together to watch the fireworks in November.   

I was out with Jean this morning. We had a lovely time - although I found nobody who was interested and none of my return visits were at home.  However, Jean had some great talks on the doors.   We were working on an estate so new that the brothers haven't even mapped it yet!  That is a first for me.  And more new driving experiences.

Will I ever be a competent and confident driver?

Went out with Audrey yesterday - took her to the shops and then we had a coffee.  We are going to get together next week to watch the new DVD (HGV?HNC?ABC? - one of those disc thingies that puzzlingly replaced videos) that the Watchtower Society released at our summer Convention.

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