Friday, 3 September 2010


Feeling very tired today.  Maggie and I had a wonderful morning out on the doors yesterday - doing return visits.  We drove all over and found many people in.  I met up with the enormous Staffie that I am rather nervous of.  I was armed with a doggie treat this time, but his owner did not want me to give it to him (fair enough, it is obviously a guard dog), but at least i found out that the young lad i am trying to find doesn't live there, he is her next door neighbour. He was obviously baby sitting the Hound of the Baskervilles in his neighbours garden when we spoke to him.   Came back, studied for evening meeting, attended evening meeting.  Is there anything like the teaching within the Christian congregation?

When Jesus was on earth, didn't the crowds marvel at his teaching and say that they had never heard anyone else speak like that?

Same same today.

We spent the morning shopping, filling up car, getting car washed etc, and I have made a fish pie and have an experimental peach cobbler in the oven for Jackie tonight.  The fish pie looks OK, the cobbler does not. I must go and check on it now.

Got a lovely email from Siwe to which I must reply this weekend. 

Audrey and I plan to go on return visits tomorrow morning.

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