Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The first day of Autumn

...was a lovely one - sunny, blue skies, but with a cold wind to let us know that summer is over. We went to Chichester - found some shoes - failed to get my engagement ring enlarged (swollen hands, arthritis) - got Cornish pasties for lunch - ate them at Brandy Hole - Col took some photos - one of which I hope he will put on the blog later - of Willow Pond where we sat and ate our lunch - amazing dragonfly on patrol - like a miniature enamelled helicopter.

Its strange how some people will say that the dragonfly 'simply evolved', that it had no creator or designer. Yet they would never look up at a helicopter and say (or even think) that.  But which is the more complex?

Very sadly the two fields adjoining, where the tenant farmer has been leaving some space for wildflowers and butterflies, is in the process of being sold for another large housing development.   If we didn't have the promise from Jehovah, the Grand Creator, that He will 'bring to ruin those ruining the earth', I would be feeling rather despairing now.

I have some words from John Clare on Autumn, but hopefully I will post them tomorrow. It should be quite a busy day - out with Maggie on the door to door work in the morning - finishing my studying in the afternoon - meeting in the evening.

Retirement is much much busier than I thought it would be.

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