Thursday, 9 September 2010

Black Swans

We spent yesterday afternoon and evening with Sheryl and Ian on their lovely holiday yacht - see The Captain's Log for photos.  My last experience of boat living was many many years ago when we were a young married couple and we went for a canal trip with my brother in law and his wife.   Things have changed since then.  There are ensuite bathrooms, and the loo is not full of frogspawn and indignant frogs.

A lovely evening, with a most beautiful sunset.    And a pair of very friendly Australian black swans who turned up to join us for pizza.  They are Oz swans, which is appropriate for Sheryl.

My only problem was getting onto the boat.  Its a very high clamber up the side (for me), and my knees  just don't seem to work the way they did (arthritis), but with Ian pushing from below and Captain Butterfly pulling from above, I made it.   I only hope there was no one standing by with a camera, because if so I will be appearing on the Prannet of the Year Show in December.

On Tuesday I went out with Audrey, but we were rained off after only 3 doors.  Violent rainstorm - absolutely soaked us, so we went back to Audrey's and had a coffee.  She gave me another hand knitted scarf to add to my pantheon - a lovely soft turquoise blue one this time.   We shopped at Tesco's.   And this morning I started my cooking marathon - making the lamb, Chinese style.  Plus i had my health check at the Clinic - hope all tests will be OK.

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