Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The New Calendars and the Old

The January 2014 calendar starts with a masterly shot Captain Butterfly took of the Clouded Yellow. It was a great butterfly summer.   And the JW calendar for Jan and Feb starts with Jeremiah 1:11,12.  When Jeremiah saw an offshoot of the almond tree, it was a reminder that Jehovah is "keeping awake" so as to carry out his word.  And the calendar reminds us that in Israel almond trees in full blossom coloured the winter landscape in pink and white.

The new year here has got off to a stormy start.   Its now mid-morning and the wind and rain coming off the sea are hitting the windows like thunderclaps. The sea is amazing, and if it gets much worse this blog may come to a sudden end in a torrential gurgling sound.

We did not see in the New Year last night, but went to bed quite early.   Nor are we celebrating the New Year - beyond both saying this morning that we are glad and grateful to still be here in 2014 and still together.

It is now a hundred years since the Gentile Times ended and the times of the end began.  So how much longer does this system of things on the earth have before Jehovah brings it to an end?  We don't know. Even Jesus didn't know when he was on the earth.  But I expect he knows now.

When I was taking down the old calendar, I was thinking what an excellent and concise summary of the Bible message it gave, so I thought, over the next six days, I would blog it. Then it has to go into the recyc.

So, for January and February 2013, the calendar quoted Daniel 7:14:   "To him there were given rulership and dignity and kingdom."  - and commented:  "During Jesus Christ's 1,000 year reign, he will undo all the harm caused by the Devil.  At the same time, Jesus will ensure that the entire earth is transformed into a paradise home for his human subjects." - Luke 23:43

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