Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Tunnel of Terror

Had my first ever MRI scan yesterday. Into the Tunnel of Terror!  Its like being in a mad spaceship.  It talks at you all the time. Sometimes it says "papapapapapapapapapapapapa" in a metallic voice for ages, sometimes it was "mamamamamamamamamama", then "popopopopopopopopop".  And suddenly, aargh, you move further into the tunnel.  It took about half an hour I would say, and they came and injected me halfway through - with a dye and with a medication to stop the involuntary moves of the body.

Every so often the technician talked to me through the headphones which was reassuring as I knew then that the mad contraption had not taken off with me in it.  I had a panic button, but I  knew that if I pressed it I would simply have to start the whole process over again.

I prayed to Jehovah that I wouldn't panic and that I would keep still. And the Technician - a very nice lady - said they had got good photos.  "Will I live?" I asked her. She smiled enigmatically and said that I would find out later.

We had a callout at 3.15 this morning.  The Captain said he would be there for ten, and is in the process of setting off now.  I have made the sandwiches,which used up the last of the chicken.  Julia of Arabia arrives tonight, and this is where he is burdened at the moment. He will have to do the shopping for our supper on the way back, as well as pick up Julia, as I can't.   I will keep it simple and when he rings for his shopping list, I will suggest he simply gets a lasagne from Cooks, along with a tub of ice-cream and, if he can face it, visit the Greengrocers a few doors down and pick up some salad. If not, I probably have enough tomatoes in to make a small tomato salad.

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