Friday, 17 January 2014

Another Hospital Day

We saw my young surgeon and one of his Dr.Watsons (to his Sherlock) yesterday. And Col chauffered me to the meeting and back.  We met two of my sisters who had been visiting Audrey who is still in hospital. Unfortunately it was a long session for me, and we only just got back in time for the meeting, so I couldn't go to her ward to say hello afterwards. She has the card though.

So far, all my recent doctors have been young British Muslims. And so far they have all been lovely. Kind, sensitive, answered my questions, taken my concerns seriously.  I am very glad that all their families took the decision to move to the UK.

Though I am dreading every second of my coming operation.  My surgeon explained to me why I couldn't have a pain pump on my knee, and I have to accept it. He is trying to protect me from hospital infections, which will go straight to the bone.  But its not so much the pain, or even the operation I dread, its the days in hospital afterwards.  You need to be fit and strong to stand up to being in hospital, and I will be just the opposite.

They are scary places too, with all sorts of people roaming round.  And that is very worrying when you can't move.  I couldn't even sit myself up in bed for about 24 hours, because of the pain.  

I wonder if I can really go through with it again, or will I chicken out?

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