Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Case for Sherlock Holmes

Its 8.30 this Winter morning and someone has stolen the English Channel AND our Green. In its place they have left a misty veil of whiteness. And please shut up about it being a heavy fog, as I want Benedict Cumberbatch to come round and solve it.

A reasonable nights sleep, with the beginnings of a nightmare that stopped.   The Captain and I were doing that incredibly foolish thing that people in scary stories do. We were going into the mysterious dark old house. At night. On our own. No lights working.   We stepped through the front door. All was dark and creaky, except for a small open fire burning somewhere.   "Why are we doing this?" I thought crossly, and dragged us both out again.  Outside was an atmosphere of bleakness and depression.  And then I woke up.

What it did remind me of was how bleak the world could sometimes look until I knew what the Bible had to say about it.  And I wondered again - suppose I had known from a child?  Many of the principles my parents bought me up with were Biblical ones, I am grateful to remember.

I am Dawn's householder this week, so she will be round for a practise session before Thursday night.  I warned our Service Overseer that, all going to plan, I won't be on the school again until about 2 months after my operation. That is assuming it is on time, and goes well...

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