Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A Letter from the Tunnel

There was a letter from The Tunnel of Terror on the mat this morning. And it had come first class!  I nearly fainted, thinking they were going to ask me to rush in for treatment - or maybe to cut out the middleman altogether, and get straight round to the undertakers.   I rang Captain B - out conserving things - to be on standby.   However - and thank God - it was all OK. And it was good of the Tunnel to tell me so quickly

What a relief.  No further treatment needed. And how grateful I am to Jehovah that he helped to keep me still and inside the terrifying contraption.

Jackie came round for coffee yesterday morning - proper coffee made by the Captain, and with Julia's Marks & Sparks biscuits.  We are being good with them and rationing ourselves to one a day after dinner.

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