Friday, 3 January 2014

They will certainly build houses...

A very stormy morning, as forecast - with some flooding in Cornwall according to the Beeb.  There is deep heavy cloud on the horizon, with a brighter sky above, making a wonderful numinous light over the sea and the Green.  The rain has stopped for the moment, but it seems to have rained all night.   Col chauffered me to the meeting yesterday evening, so I was able to pick up my magazines and hand in my hours for the month.

Interesting meeting.  

The chicken has been marinading overnight, as Jackie and Tom are coming for supper. I am trying a new Madhur Jaffrey recipe, so I hope I have got it right.     The horrors of the tax returns loom up...  surely there will be neither money nor tax when Paradise is restored.  I hope the Captain and I are there to find out.

Medical horrors next week - but something nice too, in that Julia of Arabia is on leave and is coming to stay - weather permitting.  

The JW Calendar for May/June 2013 quoted Isaiah 65:21: "They will certainly build houses and have occupancy".  And it comments:  "Under Kingdom rule, mankind "will not toil for nothing" but will benefit fully from their labours. (Isaiah 65:22,23)   And what increasing joy they will find in their work as their minds and bodies progress toward perfection!"

So it will no longer be an earth in which some people have luxury homes on every continent, some of which are never even used, while others live on a square of pavement, or in a cardboard box. The incoming Kingdom of God, which is a heavenly government, ruling from the heavens, will ensure lovely homes for all. Including, of course, for the animal creation.

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