Monday, 30 December 2013

The Day of A Thousand Phone Calls

Had a long chat with Bea - we talked quite a lot about medical matters, and what the doctor said to us when we had our tubes tilted.   Tom rang to say he would love to come over on Friday. Its been a long time since I saw him.   I had a long chat with Jackie.   And Captain Butterfly rang to update me.  He was called away by the earliest phone call which required him to rush into the nearest telephone box, put his tights on over his underwear, and zoom away as Captain Rescue.  I had to hurtle (slowly) around, abandoning my half-eaten breakfast, making sandwiches for his packed lunch. Thank goodness I had made that cake yesterday.  Butterfly Mark rang to ask if Captain B could come out to play today.  He couldn't, but through no fault of mine. And then my young surgeon rang!  It looks like my operation will be before the Spring.  Fear, fear, dread, dread. At least I now know when to stop my meds.

Will I survive another two hours in the operating theatre?   And the days in the hospital afterwards.  You have to be fit, strong and sturdy to survive in hospital, but, due to some cruel Catch 22, they never send you there when you are.

Anyway, I must be, and am, very grateful for the NHS. And feel rather guilty about all the money it is having to spend on me.

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