Friday, 10 January 2014

The Process Begins

Spent most of the day at the hospital beginning all the pre-op procedures.  A taste of things to come.  I am dreading every second of it.   But I did manage to ask about pain-killing and when they looked at my files they realised I wasn't just being a big girls blouse, but that there was a problem last time, and they made me an appointment with the anaesthetist - perhaps he can come up with some ideas.  

There is clearly a reason, medical, why I can't have the usual things you get after an op.  But hopefully they will find something I can have.

It has completely exhausted me - just walking down all those hospital corridors.   I have done nothing since we got back, beyond lie on the sofa groaning - oh and put all the new appointments in the calendar and the things for the operation in their various places.

Captain Butterfly not only chauffered and chaperoned me, but got us our tea when we got back.  Beans on toast followed by a small choc ice. And most welcome it was too.

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