Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Midsomer Dentists

A trip to the dentist yesterday. All OK apparently.  Hurray hurray.  Not that a single one of my teeth would pass muster in Hollywood of course.

Audrey is now out of hospital and I spoke to her. She seems to be managing and has help coming in daily.   I also spoke to Lilian who is managing her new life, as you have to. As Tom is, without Jill. What choice do we have?  And I also did a card for Hazel who is now in hospital having her knee operation...

As I have probably said before, when  I was a child, I used to wonder why the grown-ups kept going on about their medications and what-the-doctor-said-to-them-when-they-had-their-tubes-tilted.   Wonder no more, Sue Knight.

In fact, you would probably love to know exactly what the doctor said to me when I had my tubes... No? Fair enough. Anyway, The Tunnel told me I was OK tube-wise.

The Captain and me were watching an old Midsomer Murders - one with my favourite, Sgt Ben, in it.  He is such a hero, always rushing to the rescue no matter what the odds.   Anyway, it started with the first murder, and the "psychic" lady who found the body clutching her hand to her heart and saying: "There are going to be more killings, I can sense it."    "Lady," the Captain and I shouted at the screen, "This is Midsomer, there are ALWAYS more murders. And pay attention to the theme music."

A lot of the victims would survive if they would only listen to what's playing in the background.

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