Thursday, 2 January 2014

A Sunny Second

We woke up to sunshine this morning!   Col flew off - with flasks and sandwiches, and his pod (Butterfly Mark).   I am very housebound at the moment and losing my stir-craziness as my second knee collapses ever more. All I want at the moment is not to have to go anywhere.

The 2013 calendar for March and April was so topical as this has been a year of bad health for so many of us.   It starts with Matthew 9:35:   Jesus cured "every sort of disease and every sort of infirmity."

The comment is:  "In the Paradise new world, mankind's flesh will have "become fresher than in youth". (Job 33:25)  Resurrected humans will have returned with sound bodies. Formerly infirm members of the "great crowd" will have experienced miraculous healing. - Revelation 7:9,14

The great crowd are those who come through Armageddon, to form the beginning of "the new earth".

Its mid-afternoon now and no longer sunny. Apparently there are even worse storms on the way. There is a lovely but ominous light on our Green.

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