Friday, 27 December 2013

Another Year Winds Down

2013 is winding down with stormy weather though its not yet as cold as it should be. I am feeling rather stir-crazy which is hopefully a good sign.  Perhaps the most intense phase of healing is now completing itself and I am getting a bit of energy back.

Can't do much though. The knees and the weather prevent it.   Kind Col chauffered me to the meeting last night, which was a big help. And I got and sent a card from and to Lilian - and I hope I have sent her some encouragement from Jehovah after the tragic year she has had.

We are all in the death zone now... and this is going to be a recurring theme until either we too fall off that edge, or Armageddon comes and Jehovah allows all our faults and failings to be covered by the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ and shepherds us through to the new earth, with life "to time indefinite" ahead of us.

I have been re-reading "Tess of the D'Urbervilles".     And rather wish I hadn't.  What an irritating big girl's blouse Angel Clare is.

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