Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Fragile Edge

More sad news today.   An old friend who lost their partner suddenly and shockingly a few months ago has just lost her brother as well.  Her sister rang today to tell me, and we had a long talk.  They will all be setting off for Canada for the funeral.   It seems we are in the Death Zone now... getting closer to that edge.

"Fragile Edge" is the title of a book written by Maria Coffey about the death of her partner Joe Tasker, who died on an ascent of Everest along with Peter Boardman.   They were both so young. It is a book well worth reading.  I have just re-read it.  It tells of the cost of mountaineering, in young lives, and in the pain and loss for the families left behind.

A quiet day - both of us housebound - me by my recalcitrant knees, and Captain B by a bad cold - think: Two Bears with Sore Heads.   We made an apple crumble together with these lovely apples from a friend's ancient orchard, including some medlars and quince.  The Captain chopped and peeled and I made the crumble topping.  It turned out well.

I also tried a new stir fry chicken recipe.  It turned out - and I am quoting here -"OK".

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