Friday, 13 December 2013

Cows in Space

I am reading H.G.Wells "The First Men on the Moon".   Its not one of his best, but its quite interesting what they are finding there - including a herd of moon cows, rather like gigantic slugs.  Our heroes (the first men on the moon) have been captured by the Moonmen - and given some mooncow to eat - and have now escaped, killing one of the poor old Moon guys in the process.

I am up in the early hours as I can't sleep. Col kindly chauffered me to the meeting last night.  We have run out of calendars and are going to try and get a couple more for Jean.

I got down to a lot of end of year letters today - replying to the ones that have come.   It is grey and rainy this morning, in contrast to the sunny days we have been having.  Not cold for December though.

We had a long Skype chat with Dorothy of South Island this morning - it was evening for her of course. And we said a virtual hello to Simba the hunting cat.   I got a baleful sideways look from the mighty hunter that made me glad there was an ocean or two between us.  He would make mincemeat of those poor old mooncows.

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