Friday, 6 December 2013

Winter Storms

The North of England and the East Coast have been badly hit by storms.  So far, apart from a rather restless Channel and moody sky yesterday, they haven't arrived here.  In fact it is such a sunny morning I have had to draw the curtains - I think I had better make Himself up a sandwich lunch and get my cushions out on the balcony so I can do my studying there, and get a bit of sun.

The butterfly memberships have arrived - not nearly as many as over the summer and autumn, but we still have a small increase, so the Butterfly Board is pleased.  At least Col won't need to hire a team of porters to get these to the Post Office.   I have done all the entering and suchlike and now just have to make up the packages.

Col drove me to the Meeting last night.  A wonderful meeting, of course. We are nearly through the Christian Greek Scriptures, and we will soon be back in Genesis.

We are ending the day by watching the programme about wildlife in Burma/Myanmar.  It is both wonderful and terrible.  Terrible because of the trade in animal parts which is intensifying.  The camera crew got caught up in a fire almost certainly started by poachers.

If we did not have the sure promise, from Jehovah, the Great Purposer, that he will "bring to ruin those ruining the earth", I would be feeling completely hopeless now.  As it is, I have every confidence.  But it does show how close Armageddon is, as the earth is so close to ruin. And how urgent the preaching work is.  People need to know about the incoming Kingdom of God.

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