Sunday, 29 December 2013

Back to Real Life

Sort of  back to real life anyway - the New Year will interrupt things a bit I suppose, though we are looking forward to the new Sherlock Holmes on the evening of the first.  Can it maintain the brilliance of the first series?   Hope so.

We had a lovely evening at Jackie's last night - smoked salmon, risotto, cheese, grapes and chocolate log. With ice-cream!    A lot has happened since we last saw each other. Some of it very sad. But we enjoyed each other's company, and being alive.   I had to listen in to the meeting this morning, as my chauffeur has taken himself, and his box of sandwiches, off treasure hunting.

And now I need to go and make a carrot cake. I have to wrestle with some brown sugar that seems to have turned to concrete in its container.

Got some lovely pictures from the Oz Branch this morning - and a nice card yesterday from The Roger, asking for an update on my dancing skills.  I have emailed - and assured him that I did give the other girls a chance in this year's Strictly.

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