Saturday, 21 December 2013

It was a Wild and Stormy Night

And looks like being a wild and stormy day.  Wonderful waves on the Channel.  Captain Butterfly took me to Arundel yesterday - but just for afternoon coffee, not for lunch.

We had a dramatic start to our morning, as Butterfly Mark rang early to say he would not be over for coffee as planned - he had collided with a herd of deer while en route!    Or rather, they had collided with him, running and leaping into him as he drove along. Terrifying.  He was OK.   The deer were not. One was killed instantly, and one limped off with the herd.  

I did pray to Jehovah and ask that it would either make a quick recovery or be found quickly.

But what can you do when deer run into your car?   The car was quite badly damaged, but driveable to the garage.  The Captain rushed over to see if Mark needed any help but the AA guy was there already.

Once again, I am thinking what a mess we have got ourselves and the animal creation into.  Animals are full of common sense and cope valiantly with the way we, the children of Adam, have done things, but we can't expect them to deal with roads...  We can't deal with them ourselves, so how can we expect them to?

As our Creator, Jehovah, the God of Abraham, has warned us:  "It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step."

Did I ever post my poem about the power of the sea?    If so, I am now posting it for the second time:

Hi Tide
by me

The sea had long wanted to go into town
So, early one morning, it roared in
Found the arcades still closed
and battered them down.

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