Monday, 16 December 2013

The Wild Sea and The Winter Storms

The Channel is stormy today - as the sun rose there was ominous grey cloud underlined by a thin band of red and the wild sea underneath. Everything was dancing in the storm.    I thanked Jehovah, the Creator of it all, for making such a wonderful world.  And I asked Him too, if Col and I (and all those we love) can be here on the earth a thousand years from now, able to thank Him from a perfect heart.

Col took me to the meeting yesterday.  I felt very very tired. Its hard to get comfortable with these knees - and would be even more difficult without them (I must not be ungrateful!).   There will be no meetings this week as there is a two-day Assembly at Haysbridge.  I won't be able to go.  Unless...

The Captain also took me to Arundel for lunch.  It was a grey old day, but he still got some photos.  I think that was the day he got some lovely swan portraits.  I noticed two had arrived as I sat and did my studying by the glass wall over the lake. We met up with Terry.  He too was lunching, and he and I chatted after he had eaten and I had studied.  And the Captain gave him a lift back, which saved him getting very wet, as it was pouring down when we left.

Having lived somewhere where it doesn't really rain, I am  one of the few people who likes the rain. I like all the weathers - am only scared of ice because of my age.

We had a long Skype chat with Anne of the Cape.  If only she lived closer...  I can't imagine me being able to travel again. And I would be scared of travelling with metal knees anyway - I would have a problem at every x-ray.

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