Tuesday, 10 December 2013

What a waste of sherry!

Hyacinth Bucket (after a phone call from her sister Violet - "the one with a Mercedes, a sauna, and room for a pony" - who is upset because her husband has passed out after drinking a whole bottle of sherry):
"What a waste of sherry. Think of the trifles she could have made."

Yes, I have been watching some "Keeping Up Appearances" to take my mind off things, as I have finally gone down with Col's cold.

Had a long talk with Audrey- butterfly Audrey, not my sister Audrey - this morning. She is facing her first knee operation.  No date as yet, but she has started the preliminaries, so its close. She is going to a small specialist unit, so I think she will have a much better time post-op and get out much quicker.  I hope so anyway.

Jackie is back.  Hurray!  But, on the other hand, she has had a traumatic holiday owing to the fact that the husband of the close friend she was staying with died while she was there.  The only silver lining is that the bereaved friend could not have had a better or more stalwart helper on hand than Jackie.

We plan to get together as soon as I am no longer coughing and sneezing.

Captain B came back today laden with some of my favourite things, including chocolate ice-cream. And he hates food shopping.    And he doesn't much like chocolate ice-cream either.  He is out-marveling Captain Marvel at the moment.

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