Monday, 23 December 2013

Strictly Come Dancing - and Abbey

Abbey won Strictly this year.  She had become our favourite - in fact the Captain and I have fallen in love with her.   She is so graceful.  Born to dance.  She and Alijaz were an inspiring team.  However we divided our votes fairly, as Natalie was also excellent - and we thought her and Artem's Showdance was the best.

We were sorry that Sophie and Brendan didn't get into the final three, as we would have loved to have seen their Showdance too.

Well, that is it for this year.

It is stormier than ever today - the Channel is as wild as we have ever seen it.  I would love to walk on the beach today, braced against the storm. But maybe next winter.  Spent  a fair bit of the morning in calls to the hospital, trying to confirm things, give them answers to questionnaires and find out when I should be thinking of stopping my medications, pre-op...  plus I did a couple of loads of washing and getting us lunch.  The Captain is trapped indoors by the weather.  He had the rest of the chicken with salad and garlic-fried potatoes.

Here are two poetic glimpses of the Captain at Home in our deserty expatworld.  They are verses of course, not poetry.  We used to do our own developing in those pre-historic days.

WHAT COLIN DID    13th December 1985

 by me

Colin and Mark crouch on the floor
Looking through photographic magazines
By the score
More gadgetry to spend their money on
Is what they’re looking for
Or a ten thousand dollar photographic tour
All the goodies that will lure
Monies out of bank accounts
In large amounts
Bank Managers and wives are feeling sore.

Colin, developing photos at the kitchen sink
Framed in the hatch above a shell filled shelf
Seen through a fringe of potted plants
Makes quite a good picture himself.

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