Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Just Call me Tiny Tim

I hobbled pathetically around Widewater Lagoon on my crutches this morning, saying wistful TinyTim-like things, such as: "Please sir, Can I have some more?"   No, wait a minute, that was Oliver Twist.

It was such a lovely day. The light!   There was blue sky with fluffy white clouds in one corner and an ominous dark sky in the other, with the low winter sun making everything glow - especially the seagulls. And, for the first time, it was cold enough for December.  We had sandwiches in the car for our Christmas lunch - or at least he did. Chicken sandwiches at that. I no longer eat wheat bread, so I had a yoghurt and a biscuit. And we had a flask of tea.
The beauty of it all made it extra sad that a friend with cancer was taken by ambulance to the hospice yesterday.   This could be her last day...  

I have made a lamb stew for tonight - the Captain helping me by chopping up the root veggies - I am having a bit of an attack at the moment and am not up to much.

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