Thursday, 19 December 2013

Freight train, freight train

The Channel was roaring like a million freight trains this morning as I sat out on the balcony doing my study for the day.  It had been a stormy night.  We - the congregations worldwide - are now in the Book of Revelation, and sometimes it is like reading the News.

It was a splendid morning - there was a big bank of cloud on the horizon with the winter sun coming and going behind, and outlining the top right hand edge of the cloud in gold.

A quiet day. Chatted to Bea on the email and Audrey on the phone.   The Captain and I made an apple, quince and medlar crumble, and he went out and caught some shopping while I did the washing and ironing.

I am keeping ahead of all the cards and letters - and that is a first.  There are plusses as well as minusses to being housebound.

Here is a good joke from Bea.  Context:  a health and safety survey has been done of doctors surgeries, and some of them have failed - spectacularly from the sound of it.

So, the joke:

A friend says to her neighbour - "Did you hear that maggots were found in a doctor's surgery?"

Friend replies -  "I don't believe it!   How did they get past the receptionist?"

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