Thursday, 31 March 2011

Small Cat Diary

Scooter attempted to get me again last night as I bravely went off to bed on my own leaving Captain Butterfly watching something ghastly on the telly.   However, we had just been watching a programme about lion prides made by one of those wonderful guys from Big Cat Diary - the one who isn't Simon King - so I was sort of hyped up to face her.

She got under the bed to ambush my feet, but, using the sort of firm voice I would have to use in a similar situation in the Serengeti - "NO, that's naughty" - I got into bed safely (and very quickly).  

There were various clatterings and comings and goings and tramplings during the night, but nothing that kept us awake.

Jim came round last night!  Haven't seen him for years.  He is just about to be a granddad.  But he really doesn't look any different.  He really doesn't.    He and Claire are now living in town. We hope to get together later in the year.

Col is walking Ollie, I am waiting for Alana the Cleaner to arrive, then I have to go off and do some shopping.  Today is scheduled for Chutney making, so we hope to leave some jars of the famous Butterfly date and tomato chutney for our hosts.  

In Expatland The Captain used to make it with freshly picked dates.  Nowadays they are freshly picked from the Supermarket shelf.  Bought with our own fair hands.

Ken has started making marmalade again, so we have been enjoying it on our breakfast toast.

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