Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A Cooking Day - and a CAT! warning

If I had to characterise this particular day of retirement, I would have to say it was a cooking day. We didn't go anywhere - beyond Captain Butterfly's trip to the hairdresser.  He had left out the cooking apples in rather a pointed manner - quite rightly actually, they needed using - so I made the usual crumble, and also used up the mushrooms to make a soup.   The Captain has been wrestling with inexplicable ipod issues all day - and I now have to use a different password to get onto this blog.

I spoke to Maggie a la telephone - all her health tests so far have come out fine!  So I hope to see her tomorrow night.  And I replied to an internet friend who has written a book about government.  I am hoping he might consider the heavenly government, the incoming Kingdom of God, the government that will put things right on the earth - more wonderfully so than we can now imagine.  That was it really, apart from some study and some daytime TV - including the wonderful Harry Hill.

And I felt a little upset to read some headline about "Are Chickens Really Birdbrained?"  

Surely we know enough now to know that a hen's brain is a miracle of engineering?   And I happen to think that birds are very smart.   My parents were great bird feeders, and my mother got to to know the birds alarm calls and would rush out if she heard the CAT! alarm call to chase the cat away.

Then she observed something rather strange (and, if she observed it right, rather cunning - not bird-brained at all).

I wrote this poem about it:

by me

Blackbird, blackbird
You are young, strong
And cunning

As you hop around
Picking all the cheese up

You keep the other birds off
With a steady 
CAT! warning.

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