Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lost in the trackless wilderness of Lobbs Wood

Actually, even I couldn't get lost in it, given that it is only about 20 steps back to the road whichever way you go - so its not going to work as a venue for a scarey movie, made with our handheld cameras.  Anyway that is where we were yesterday, photographing the spring flowers, via a visit to the library.
I was also out on the door to door work with a young sister and her little boy.  It was very cold and we only managed an hour.  That was enough for his little legs (and my arthritic ones) anyway.
Jackie had us over for a lovely meal of salmon, with a cheeseboard and a lemon roulade.  Ubbeh was there too, as she starts her new job on Monday.
I did a half an hour magazine delivering after the meeting today - its sunny but cold.  The talk was wonderful.   As was the Watchtower study - all about how we can take refuge in Jehovah.
Still haven't managed to get through to Anne on The Cape

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