Saturday, 26 March 2011

On the doors with June

I spent the morning on the doors with June.  We started off by doing some return calls - found people in - had lots of talks - got lost on our way to the territory - so did another return call.  All in all, I hope, a productive morning.  I also bought two jars of homemade ginger marmalade off one lady we called on.  And that inspired me to make some marmalade cupcakes, which Captain Butterfly is enjoying.  He had a great time at his Dive Exhibition Thingummy, which no doubt will be written up in The Captain's Log.
Talked to Jackie, Jill and Audrey on the phone.
And Bob facebooked re updates on the Thai-Burmese earthquake.  Which seems to have been devastating enough.
Apparently some hot springs have disappeared since the earthquake.  Which makes me worry - Where have they got to?!

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