Saturday, 26 March 2011

An evening with Jackie...

...and Tom and Jill - and of course Captain B, who did his usual sterling job - and even did all the clearing up this morning, which was a lovely surprise.  Usually I do the cooking, he loads up the dishwasher and sorts out the kitchen while he makes the coffee, and I put everything away in the morning.
We had chicken, a dahl, a sort of Indian version of a tomato salsa, and some stir fried veggies - all courtesy of my Madhur Jaffery cookbook.   And a cheeseboard, and ice-cream.  Oh and smoked salmon to start.
We all laughed a lot so I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.
Col has made an early start this morning as he is off to the dive show in London.   I am out on the door to door preaching work with June and am hoping that the rain will hold off for a few hours. It looks very overcast at the moment.
I always always pray to Jehovah that he will keep my precious cargo safe when I am driving my brothers and sisters.
Apparently there has been a Budget...  I have no idea what it says but it seems safe to assume that everything will cost even more than it does now.   Unless you are superrich, in which case it will all cost less, and you will probably get even superricher in some amazingly complex "the world" way.
No complaints though.  I know the country is in a big mess financially.  We are loving retirement so far and we can't hope for more than that.  But this must be a very difficult time for young families, just starting out.  Dare I hope the Budget offers some help for them?
And I can't help but wonder how they can always afford to start a war with someone - especially someone far away who poses no threat to us at all.
The mystery of politics.   In which I take no part.

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