Thursday, 3 March 2011

Rides for Butterflies

Captain Butterfly flew off this morning in the direction of the East Sussex jungles, as he is once again joining the work parties clearing the rides to make them right for butterflies.   I only hope that, if he goes and puts his back out, a swarm of butterflies will turn up and help me push his wheelchair up and down the seafront.

He did a heroic job with our balcony yesterday, and its now ablaze with Spring flowers.   We picked up Ubai and all had a nice hour grazing in the local Garden Centre.  It made me wish we had a garden again, but with his back and my arthritis...   And we love our balcony.  I like to do my Bible studies out there, once it warms up a bit.

There are two witnesses to Jehovah - his Inspired Word, protected and preserved for us to this day - and the glory of the creation itself, which tells us of its Grand Creator - from the intricate beauty of a butterfly to the power and splendour of the sun.  So I can study the Bible looking out over one of God's grand creations, the English Channel.  Its very calm and blue today.

We are going to Jackie's on Saturday and will see the photos of the new great-granddaughter.

Time marches on, and now our friend's don't just have children - they have great-grandchildren.

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