Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Forget what did

I have no idea what on earth we did yesterday. For sure, I admired the balcony plants, wrote a card for Bea (posted today), made some veggie soup and did some studying. Perhaps that was all there was to it?   This morning Audrey and I went out together - she agreed she would do some first call work - and I had to drive on the big grown up road and round a couple of Big Boy roundabouts.  We didn't find many at home, but did place a few Truth leaflets.   Captain B has hunted down Rice suppliers on the net and, after a lunch of cheese on toast,  we drove over Brighton way to fetch a sack of what I hope will be the same lovely rice I used to get by the sackload in Saudi.  The Chinese Emporium that sold it is interesting - I noticed it had lovely looking coriander for instance, so I hope we will be going there again.   I used to get through sackloads of rice in our expat days as we entertained so much.  Whereas this one may well see us out...   aargh.  We stopped off for a Mill Hill walk on the way back in the hopes of seeing the first butterfly of the year, but the sun went in and it was too cold.   A quiet night in lies before us if all goes to plan.

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