Friday, 4 March 2011

The balcony in its Spring glory

"Have you admired the balcony this morning?" barked Captain Butterfly at breakfast.  "Oh, er, I am just going to", I said, hastily suiting the action to the words.  And it does look lovely.  It was so cold last night I worried there might be a frost, but everything seems to be flourishing.

A quiet day (so far).  We shopped in the morning, including a trip to the Farm Shop which now has its cheese counter back, and we went to Worthing in the afternoon to collect some things from the Homebrew Shop.  I sorted some more books to give to the second-hand bookshop next door.

Col has got an IPod, which means he spends most of the time on the computer, looking intense.

Talked to Anne from The Cape on Skype yesterday - well, there was something wrong at her end so she talked and I replied by typing fast into the little box thing.  She messaged later to say it was working now, but  i haven't been able to get her to reply yet.

Posted reply to Kathryn yesterday, and a butterfly card introducing myself to Claire, who Christine wants me to get to know.

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