Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hot ice cream

Kingfisher, Alcedo atthis
The little girls on the 25th:

Me.   "Do you like turkey Eleanor?"
Eleanor:   "No."
Me;  "Do you like: roast potatoes/sausages/trifle/chocolate log/fruit salad/strawberry ice-cream?"
Eleanor:  "No times 6"  with a slight pause when she asked what a chocolate log was.

She made a hearty lunch off the despised items.

Me:   "Do you like Uncle Colin's homemade ice-cream Beth?
Beth:  "No. I don't.  Its cold, and it tastes of strawberry."

Not sure if that counts as a success or a failure.

My bro in law had a small stroke on Boxing Day - but is now out of hospital and perking up. Thank goodness.  And Captain B nobly took me to the park today - me clinging on desperately as we skidded over ice. He wanted to show me a Kingfisher in the snow, and Dippers in the snow.

First pond he got me to - there was a Kingfisher as bold as brass. I could almost have reached and touched it.   It posed for a while and Col kept his camera going. Then we staggered across the road into the next park and saw three Dippers - and one had a ring on that Col has not seen before.

Pen is coming over on Thursday, weather permitting. But all other outings are off.   The snow is still lying everywhere and its frozen hard.

We enjoyed the new Mapp and Lucia last night.

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