Sunday, 28 December 2014

A Large Furry Bird

Extraordinary amount of snow fell in a few hours Friday evening - the front path was blocked with snow-flattened trees.

I saw little wren type birds scuttling along the strip of snow-free ground outside the dining room window as we had breakfast, so I threw some of the grated cheese left from our supper (a fry up of all the leftover veggies) for them.   Keith joined us for lunch on Friday, and we had turkey soup yesterday, so all the cold stuff is pretty much finished now.

Then Ollie was clamouring to go out the backdoor.  I let him out for toilet purposes, and the next thing was that I saw a large furry bird round the side of the house snuffling up every morsel of cheese.

Someone had left the side gate open!    Or perhaps the snow has brought it down?  I have no boots with me and can't go to look as yet.
Sunshine this morning - lovely light on the snow.   The valiant Captain Butterfly and his sister in law have hitched Ollie to a metaphorical sledge and taken him off for his morning walk in Endcliffe Vale Park.

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